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With leadership from Kansas City Area Transportation Authority and Westside Housing Organization the project team of BikeWalkKC, Cityfi, WSP, and Hoxie Collective developed a set of strategies to help the people who visit or live in the diverse area of Woodland Plaza move from place to place more easily. The name Woodland Plaza was coined to describe the area in Historic Northeast Kansas City centered on Independence Avenue and Woodland Avenue. This area spans several neighborhoods and includes many social service providers, schools, institutions, and businesses in its half mile radius.

Woodland Plaza has the unique opportunity to leverage recent investments in infrastructure and development on behalf of the growing population and diverse needs in the area. Over 30 languages are spoken in the area, upwards of 51% of the population is below the poverty line, and up to 25% of households do not own cars. On top of all that, the area only supports 6-10 jobs per census block. Planning for connection to multi-modal transportation options is key to providing equitable access to jobs, health care, healthy food, education, civic participation, and service providers.

The three-phase process began by convening an advisory group then followed up with five focus groups:

  • Social Service Providers

  • Schools

  • Neighborhoods

  • Small Local Businesses

  • City Departments

The plan helped to produce a set of shared strategies that prioritize users facing the greatest barriers in the community to help Woodland Plaza become a regional model for addressing complex transportation needs. These strategies include a total of 15 different projects, including the recently passed resolution for zero fare transit initiative that will not only make transit more affordable, but also remove many of the barriers to user-experience that limit the use of transit systems. Other strategies specific to the needs of this area include Expanded Language Resources, Transit Ambassadors, and Training for School and Service Providers. These strategies are ready for implementation with area partners and the KCATA immediately. The Ride KC Freedom On-Demand Cost Share Pilot is a strategy that area partners are working with KCATA to determine investment responsibilities and service area in the near term.



Kansas City, Missouri




Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (Funded funded by MidAmerica Regional Council, Planning Sustainable Places grant program)

Document Links

Document located HERE​


Thomas Morefield, BikeWalkKC (Project Lead)

Hoxie Collective 

Ashley Hand, City Fi

Jared Gulbranson, WSP


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