2020 is full of exciting opportunities in Kansas City and the Heartland region! In this period of rapid change and innovation, it seems that every organization and community that I work with wants to know how to measure and interpret progress on their goals – from affordable housing to mobility, health, equity, and community capacity. So, I’m getting to work on developing a set of benchmarks and metrics with the help of Jamilah Cross and Penn Pennel. Our goal for late summer is to share our research and test an easy-to-use tool or app with a broad group of potential users including city departments, neighborhood associations, community development organizations, environmental conservation organizations,  and higher ed urban studies programs. I also plan to use this tool as part of my own business practice for transparent accountability and adaptation for greater positive impact with the communities I serve.  - Christina


If you’re interested in collaborating on this with Hoxie Collective, please send an email to choxie@hoxiecollective.com

with the ​Subject: Metric Research Interest!


Heartland Conservation Alliance 

As part of a Health Forward Foundation grant, our team is creating an online mapping resource that shows where sensitive natural resource conditions exist on vacant parcels in neighborhoods and industrial districts along the Blue River. Focus group conversations will inform the data required for decision-making by neighborhoods as well as private and public property owners. This work will also inform the development of training, funding, and capacity-building required to implement conservation strategies. (Team also includes Molly Gosnell, Midwest Geoinfo.)

Kansas City Design Center

We are working with KCDC on research capacity enhancement. This study will result in a flexible implementation framework for applied research supported by Affiliated Faculty from the home universities and in partnership with City Departments and on-call industry advisors. http://www.kcdesigncenter.org

Lykins Neighborhood Association

Wow! What a year it’s been for Lykins! Our work continues with this strong neighborhood throughout 2019. This year they will be growing their capacity and fulfilling their goals through hiring neighborhood staff, preparing for an Eco Abet design charrette focused on the park, affordable housing projects kicking off,  along with many other exciting initiatives.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

Christina serves as the 4th District representative on this KCMO standing committee. BPAC recently endorsed the new Bike Plan and are excited to dive into how it is implemented. BPAC is also leading an initiative to develop Sidewalk Guidelines. The committee will work closely with City departments to integrate this work under existing ordinances and “pave” the way for more great pedestrian-oriented places in KCMO.

Upcoming Projects

Hoxie Collective is teamed with BikeWalkKC on two exciting projects scheduled to start this spring! One is the North Kansas City Bike Plan and the other is the Woodland Plaza Plan for Equitable Transportation, in Northeast KCMO. More soon!

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