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One of the first initiatives to move forward from the Oglala Lakota Sustainable Regional Plan was the development of a Model Regenerative Community Plan for Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation (TVCDC). This initiative also has direct relationships with the initiatives for Land Use, Health and Wellness, Youth, Economic Development, and the Environment/Resilience Planning.


TVCDC purchased a 34-acre site to implement a Model Regenerative Community. The design and development of this site include affordable net-zero housing, sustainable construction workforce training, locally-owned social enterprises, food sovereignty programs, youth leadership programs, and language revitalization programs. Each of the programs has components that function on site as well as more broadly in the Lakota Nation. The Master Plan was developed with performance goals to increase Lakota community vitality culturally, socially, environmentally, and economically. TVCDC hosted a Rose Fellow from 2016-2018 to act as their first Director of Design and Planning. She worked closely with the planners, architects, engineers and construction professionals to bring the first phase of infrastructure, 21 single-family homes, a community center and a staff apartment building to completion. At the end of the Rose Fellowship, Kimberly Pelkovsky joined the TVCDC team as Director of Design and Planning.

The next phase of design and planning work is an area of commercial development on the northeast portion of the site and regenerative landscape design for the full site. Design development documentation was created for the commercial development for fund-raising for the next phase of engineering and architectural design, as well as the attraction of tenants for each space. TVCDC hosted a community design workshop to consider the Play Area to the east of the community center building and asked Hoxie Collective (in partnership with Dan Eddie at Holst Architecture) to illustrate the final design as part of a Giving Tuesday campaign. 

Hoxie Collective partnered with Hubbard Studio to host a workshop (Fostering Lakota Culture Through Landscape Design) focused on the stories and significance that plants hold for Lakota people. The input received at this workshop led to the creation of planting guidelines, a plant palette, and a soil health strategy (in partnership with Hilary Noonan of Syntax Design) for the Regenerative Community Development. 



Porcupine, South Dakota



Document Links

 Common Edge article located HERE

"The Unique Challenges of Planning and Designing on the Reservation"


​Kimberly Pelkovsky

Thunder Valley CDC

Director of Design and Planning



Thunder Valley Regenerative Community Plan

-Master Planning (2012)

-Phase 1: Infrastructure Development (2015 - 2017)

-Housing Development by Pyatt Studio (2017 - 2019)

-Northeast Area Conceptual Design (2018)

-Play Area Renderings (2019)

Thunder Valley Landscape Design Workshop and Guidelines

- Thunder Valley Landscape Design Workshop: Fostering Lakota Culture Through Landscape Design (2019)

- Landscape Guidelines, Plant Palette and Soil Health  (2020)


Master Plan Powwow Space

Preliminary Powwow Space Conceptual Design

TV Master Plan Phase Collage

Phase 1 Site and Buildings

Phase 2 Site and Buildings

Phase 3 Site and Buildings

TV Master Plan Systems Collage

Waste Water System

Potable Water System

Storm Water System


TV Massing Typology Diagrams

Existing Building Mass Typologies

Next Phase of Master Plan

TV Northeast Aerial Rendering

Northeast Area Plan Aerial Rendering

Site Plan_Final_labels.png

Play Area Plan

Community Building_final.jpg
Buffalo Gap_final.jpg

Play Area Renderings

TV Northeast Site Approach Rendering

Site Approach Rendering

TV Northeast Community Gathering Rendering

Community Gathering Rendering

TV Northeast Massng Sketch
TV Northeast Conceptual Sketch
TV Northeast Area Site Plan

Northeast Area Site Planting Plan

Existing Buildings

New Development Buildings

Hardscape Paving Material

Recreation/Sport Paving

Ground Cover 1

- Trees with Native Grasses

Ground Cover 2

- Rain Water Collection Cover

Ground Cover 3

- Turf Grasses

Recycling Collection

Commercial Trash Receptacles


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