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This work began with a technical analysis of economic demand and supply as well as historical mapping and a resident survey of Historic Manheim Park Neighborhood. With this information, our team facilitated conversations with the neighborhood to articulate their Vision and Goals in eight categories: Housing, Parks, Transportation, Safety, Maintenance, Business, Community, and Education. Short and long-term economic, environmental and social strategies are integrated into the eight categories described in the Vision Plan for a sustainable solution for renewal.


Once Manheim Park residents documented a clear vision of their future and a path to get there, developer interest began in earnest. A powerful team including the Make It Right Foundation and Dalmark Group started to explore how they could renovate the long-vacant Bancroft School into a vibrant new community hub and meet the goals of the neighborhood. The planning and development teams kept open lines of communication with the community and assisted the neighborhood President in engaging her neighborhood and providing feedback to the design team, as well as keeping neighbors informed on the design and development process as it moved forward.


While the renovation and construction processes of Bancroft School were underway, the next step was to create a Development Strategy to coordinate developer interest, community development activity, neighborhood participation, and City investment in the Manheim Park Neighborhood. This strategy supports the vision of the neighborhood and builds the capacity of residents and community organizations alike.


The three components of the Development Strategy document are:

  • Development Concepts

  • Performance Guidelines

  • Process Framework



Kansas City, Missouri


2009, 2013



Phase 1: 2009

Vision Plan

- Funded by Brush Creek Community Partners

Phase 2: 2013

Development Strategy

- Funded by Enterprise Community Partners

Additional Project Details

Concurrent with Phase 2, design of Bancroft School with Dalmark Development Partners and Neighborhood Association

Team leader while at BNIM

Historic Manheim Park Neighborhood Association


Reuse of Vacant Lots 1

Vacant Property

Vacant Lot Adoption/Absorption

Community Playground/Landscape

Reuse of Vacant Lots 2

New Infill Housing

Stormwater and Native Planting

Community Garden or Urban Farm

Existing Phase
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

Existing Conditions

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Complete Street Troost Section

Future Commercial Corridor Infill and Complete Street (Troost)

Focus Area Aerial View

Aerial Diagram of Focus Area Infill Development

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