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TOD Main Street and 12th


Christina Hoxie played a central role in drafting Kansas City’s Transit-Oriented Development Policy. With the success of the Streetcar and new high service bus routes, development has accelerated in the city’s transit corridors. It is becoming necessary to more carefully consider the values that should inform policy, design decisions, and public investments in the area. Kansas City’s adopted Transit-Oriented Development Policy provides a comprehensive set of recommendations based on best practices from peer cities. 


The Kansas City Tranist-Oriented Development Policy document organizes these best practices into recommendations related to Connectivity, Density, Development, and Design. It then relates those recommendations to other citywide strategies, and defines the public, private, and non-profit champions for implementation of the recommendations. The document is organized for maximum clarity and legibility for policymakers, stakeholders, and the greater public. Cross-sector recommendations inform zoning, design guideline development, tax incentive policy, and process coordination.



Kansas City, Missouri


2016 - 2017


Kyle Elliott

KCMO Planning and Development


Additional Project Information

Team leader while at BNIM Architects

Document Links

Adopted Policy located HERE

TOD Metro Region Map

Metro Region Activity Center and Connectivity Map

Figure Ground Tiles Cropped edit.jpg

Density Figure Ground Illustrations of Districts in Region 

TOD Forms and Surrondings

Urban Form Density

TOD Main and 12th Aerial

Main Street and 12th Street

TOD Main and Southwest Aerial

Main Street and Southwest Boulevard

TOD Main and 39th Aerial

Main Street and 39th Street

TOD Public Spaces Transit Amenities

TOD Public Spaces, Mobility Amenities

TOD Public Spaces Dynamic and Flexibile Spaces

TOD Public Spaces, Flexible Uses

TOD Public Spaces Comfort Safety and Amenities

TOD Public Spaces, Comfort, Safety, and Pedestrian Amenities

TOD Public Spaces Public Surroundings and Accessibility

TOD Public Spaces, Accessibility

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