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GDAP Activity Map


The Greater Downtown Area Plan was the first Area Plan in the City Planning Department’s transition from the use of neighborhood plans to area plans (Adopted 2010). The area spanned from the Downtown Airport to 31st Street and from State Line to Woodland Avenue. The diversity of neighborhoods and stakeholders involved in this planning process was striking. From the Downtown Council to the Paseo Gateway; from River Market to Crown Center, the differences in density, land use, economic strength, and day-to-day priorities were pronounced. However, our team designed a process of discovering the priorities stakeholders and residents had in common, and bringing neighborhoods together to determine a vision, goals and strategies for this area. The five primary goals that resulted were:

  1. Create a walkable downtown

  2. Double the population downtown 

  3. Increase employment downtown

  4. Retain and promote safe, authentic neighborhoods 

  5. Promote sustainability


The process also united municipal departments and created an effective implementation committee that has continued to steward the plan recommendations forward.



Kansas City, Missouri


2008 - 2010


Gerald Williams

KCMO City Planning and Development


Document Links

Adopted Plan located HERE

COR Team Members

BNIM Architects, Prime 


Taliaferro & Browne

Architectural and Historical Research

ETC Institute

Meghan Jansen and Kim (Carlos) Becking


Team member while at BNIM Architects

GDAP Activity Centers and Parks Map
GDAP Sidewalk Chalk Public Engagement 1
GDAP Sidewalk Chalk Public Engagement 2
GDAP Sidewalk Chalk Public Engagement 3

Greater Downtown Activity Centers & Parks

Activity Center

1. The River Market

2. Library District

3. The Power & Light District

4. American Royal

5. The Arts District

6. 18th and Vine

7. Union Station

8. Crown Center

Future Activity Center

9. Harlem

10. The Riverfront

11. West Bottoms

Parks & Open Space

12. Berkley Riverfront Park

13. Garrison Park

14. Columbus Park

15. West Terrace Park

16. IIus Davis Park

17. The Parade Park

18. Observation Park

19. Hospital Hill Park

20. Washington Square Park

21. Penn Valley Park

22. Spring Valley Park

23. Troost Park

Pocket Parks & Plazas

5 Minute Walk (1/4 Mile) Center to Edge

GDAP Streets Map
GDAP Street Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines

GDAP Classroom Student Engagement 1
GDAP Classroom Student Engagement 2
GDAP Classroom Student Engagement 3

Engagement of local school students, illustrating their future neighborhoods

Greater Downtown Streets

Corridor Streets

Primary Gateways

Secondary Gateways

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