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Minor Home Repair programs are the front line of anti-displacement and community health strategies.  Maintaining existing housing stock is also a key strategy to address the affordable housing challenge.  Keeping people in stable and affordable housing means that seniors can age in place close to their networks of caregivers, working adults can maintain access to stable jobs and community connections, and children remain in stable environments. Repairing homes can include eliminating mold, rodent or insect infestations, and lead paint, thereby increasing health outcomes and decreasing health care costs.


Hoxie Collective conducted analysis of minor home repair programs and organizational interviews of service providers in Jackson County, Missouri to understand common challenges and program needs.  Based on the findings of this process, recommendations for strengthening Minor Home Repair programs in Jackson County are organized into three categories: Education, Coalition Capacity Building, and Increased Funding.


Education recommendations include dedicating time and funding for a research process that determines the full need of Minor Home Repair in the County and establishes metrics to track ongoing progress.  A County-wide resource list and strategic communication campaign for residents can better connect resources to those in need.  Service providers will also benefit from contractor education, including weatherization training, roofing, carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and lead and asbestos remediation.  A coordination process and platform for the service providers listed in the resource list will promote new efficiencies in addressing the county-wide need for minor home repair.


Efforts to access to funding should be multi-pronged. With the analysis of this study, the participating jurisdictions can make a case for increased US Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant (HUD CDBG) funding for Minor Home Repair.  Jurisdictions can create their own home preservation strategies that include loan funds, Housing Trust funds, and other funding sources with dedicated budgets for home repair, weatherization, aging-in-place, and related services.



Jackson County, Missouri


Plan Completed December 2023


LISC Greater Kansas City

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