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Hoxie Collective Approach Spain

Hoxie Collective is a Kansas City, MO-based community planning practice that specializes in bringing diverse communities together.


Hoxie Collective focuses on providing affordable strategic planning services that respond directly to each community’s assets and values. This work requires listening intently to diverse stakeholders while using accurate data as well as national and global research and best practices to facilitate informed conversations. We seek actionable solutions that increase capacity to achieve the community's vision of vitality. These solutions may include policy, programs, and projects.


The process that Hoxie Collective leads for decision-making and implementation often results in new partnerships between public, private, and philanthropic agencies as well as multi-disciplinary partnerships between agencies of social and cultural services, environmental restoration, and economic development.


Our services include:

  • Community engagement and community liaison training

  • Dialogue facilitation and strategic planning

  • Analysis and strategy formulation for:

    • Housing

    • Economic development

    • Mobility

    • Environmental conservation

    • Green infrastructure

    • Performance guidelines

    • Drone services (aerial photography)

  • Creative place-making

Thank you to the stalwart community organizers who have been mentors to planners and designers everywhere. Experience has taught us how to listen carefully and translate values, aspirations, and assets into holistic strategies that address specific challenges and build capacity in communities.  This practice of advocacy, planning, and design is based on life-long learning and adaptation to achieve vitality in our changing climate, economies, and political systems. It requires a deep commitment to collaboration and the long-term relationships that result in trusting consensus and action together.



Our practice embraces advocacy as a fundamental part of the community planning process. As we work with communities and discover both their assets and challenges we invite elected officials, municipal department heads, property owners, and other stakeholders to advocate for partnership and change. At times this results in exploring and adapting land use and environmental policy, but more frequently the partnerships result in new programs or projects such as healthy food programs, complete street projects, park improvements, and building renovation projects.


Community planning is a systems-based discipline that connects people with homes, jobs, ways to get around, social and health services, food, culture, faith, and the natural environment. In places that have seen decades of disinvestment, these systemic connections are disrupted and conditions of inequity and poverty prevail. Our planning process considers historic causes and effects, fosters dialogue on reconciliation and healing, focuses on the assets of the community, and seeks out integrated comprehensive solutions to current challenges. We work with the community to create a path of strategies that lead to the community’s preferred future. Every step of this process is designed to build the capacity of the community and create outlets for immediate action.


Design is both a process and an outcome. Hoxie Collective places great importance on straightforward visual and verbal communication, as well as processes that are compelling, welcoming, and timely. From the design of an engagement process to the drawings and implementation steps of recommended strategies, we pay attention to the details. The community plans that we steward are designed around the commonly held values of the community so that they are ready to put to use, grow and adapt with each success.

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